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Since our establishment in 1925, we, the Wakokai Group, have developed medical care and welfare services driven by our desire to stay close and respond to the intentions and values of community users, patients and their families.

Our diverse medical staff and facilities provide seamless services that allow patients to continue to live their normal lives in a comfortable environment for as long as possible. We provide continuous support from the beginning to the end of a patient’s life. Furthermore, we continue to meet the needs of communities with the aim of building a comprehensive community care system.

Features of Wakokai

01 『Medical Care』

Support with Medical Care Teams

We focus our efforts on home medical care and rehabilitation. Hospitals and clinics work with home-visit nursing, home-visit rehabilitation and nursing care establishments within our group to support patients and their families in medical care teams – from their time in hospital to their life after they are discharged. Furthermore, we are actively working on frailty prevention and ACP*.
*Advanced Care Planning

  • Support Hospital of Home Medical Care
  • Support Clinic of Home Medical Care

02 『Nursing Care』

Support with Diverse Services and Medical Staff

We meet the diverse needs of our patients by providing various types of nursing care services. Even patients highly dependent on medical care can use our services. Medical staff (including caregivers as well as nurses, rehabilitation professionals, registered dietitians and care managers) will thoroughly analyze and review the patient’s lifestyle to cater to their exact needs.

  • Nursing care rehabilitation facilities for the elderly
  • Special-care Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Residence
  • Private Residential Retirement Home
  • Day Service
  • Home-visit nursing
  • Home-visit nursing care
  • Residential Nursing Care Support Communities

Other (more than 60 locations)

03 『Disability Support』

Support Structure According to Individual Characteristics and Stage

We provide support according to the characteristics of each individual while utilizing the medical care and nursing care services within our group. We have developed an integrated support structure according to each stage – from infants to elementary school students, junior high and high school students and then adulthood. We will continue to provide services that allow parents to live with peace of mind even as they get older.

  • Life Care Office
  • Child development support
  • After-school day care
  • Counseling and Support Office

04 『Childcare Support』

Raising Children with the Ability to Live Independently

We operate certified early childhood education and care centers with the characteristics of kindergartens, nursery schools and children’s houses. With these facilities, we provide an environment where children can experience, made decisions and learn while playing. We do this with the intent to foster a rich learning environment that stimulates the five senses. We put into practice a facility management that is open to communities as bases of childcare support that increase the quality of life.

  • Kindergarten and nursery school style early childhood education and care centers
  • Children’s houses
  • Nursery schools for children while they are ill and recovering from illness
  • Company-led nursery schools
Philosophy of the Wakokai Group

Putting your mind at ease.

We, the Wakokai Group, aim to realize communities in which users, their families, our employees and everyone else concerned can live actively with peace of mind by providing high-quality medical care, welfare, health and childcare services.


Efforts for the SDGs of the Wakokai Group

We, the Wakokai Group, have promoted various efforts to contribute to community medical care, nursing care, welfare, disabilities and raising children in Gifu since our establishment in 1925. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 overlap with various challenges the Wakokai Group have been tackling under our philosophy of “Putting your mind at ease.”

We have now organized our efforts so far through the framework of the SDGs. We have enacted “Smile Wakokai 2030: Together with the Community” to contribute to the realization of a sustainable future society brimming with smiles together with the community aiming for the goal of 2030

March 1, 2020
Go Yamada, Chairman of the Wakokai Group


Efforts of the Wakokai Group

We established our SDGs policy by consolidating our efforts into five themes: medical care, nursing care and welfare business, environmental and resource measures, health management, employee development, and community contribution. The core of this is our SDGs Project consisting of 25 members that we launched in January, 2020. Furthermore, we have also set up new items we will tackle from FY2020 to materialize this commitment as an action plan.

We are striving to educate our employees and community residents by publishing our original booklet titled the “Wakokai Original Booklet to Thoroughly Understand the Basics of SDGs” in this project.

Employee Support

To make our employees smile!

Wakokai provide support in line with the work life of each one of our employees.
We are looking to expand tangible aspects and enhance intangible aspects. With this, we are aiming to create workplaces where our employees can work comfortably and with a sense of reward. In addition, we are working to build an environment and trust in which Wakokai and our employees can work for all our lives.

To achieve that, we provide support extended to our employee’s families and communities in addition to our employees themselves.

We aim to connect people across a wide range of ages and expand their bonds with Wakokai playing a central role.

Various Certifications

The Wakokai Group is working to improve the work-life balance, nursing care worker development and the workplace environment. We are recognized as a workplace in which it is easy to work.

Gifu Ikiiki Nursing Care Operator
Grade 1 Certification

We have been certified as grade 1 (the highest grade) in the Gifu Prefectural Nursing Care Worker Development Operator Certification System (November 27, 2017).

We are always working hard in the Wakokai Group to make efforts that can contribute to the community, to develop nursing care workers and to appropriately evaluate them by correctly evaluating and developing employees toward our group philosophy of “Putting your mind at ease.”

Kurumin Mark

We were certified with the Platinum Kurumin (Medical Corporation Wakokai) and Kurumin (Social Welfare Corporation) marks by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2010.

We are working so that all our employees can fully demonstrate their abilities. To achieve this, we are creating an environment in which all employees can work easily by allowing them to both hold down their jobs and raise their children.

Acquisition of the Eruboshi Mark

Medical Corporation Wakokai was certified as an Eruboshi company by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare based on the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace in 2017.
The company was certified stage 3 by satisfying all five items: (1) recruitment, (2) continuous employment, (3) working hours, (4) management ratio and (5) diverse career courses.

Excellent Gifu Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Company

Gifu Prefecture certifies companies that implement excellent efforts and independent efforts that serve as a model for other companies as “Excellent Gifu Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Companies.” The aim of this is to improve the level of efforts to support jobs and family life in companies in the prefecture.

Wakokai has been certified as an Excellent Gifu Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Company. This is because we are implementing creche efforts and multi-generational interaction opportunity efforts.

Tomonin Mark

We have acquired the Tomonin mark in recognition of our efforts to create childcare and nursing care leave rules.
We will continue to support workers dealing with nursing care and to further improve the working environment in the future.

Tomonin is a mark certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It shows that we are working to establish a working environment in which our employees can both work and provide nursing care to prevent them from leaving their nursing care jobs.

Employee Welfare

Employee Vacations

Our employees can select their desired travel destination from multiple courses inside and outside of Japan once a year. Their families can also participate.

*Past destinations: Australia, Paris, Guam, Okinawa and Hokkaido
*This is only for interested parties. Some courses require participants to pay some of their own expenses.

Thailand Vacation

Annual Holidays and Annual Paid Leave

We give 110 days of annual holidays and paid leave six months after joining the company. (We also give part-time employees annual paid leave when they have worked at least 80% of the prescribed number of working days specified by the corporation.)
Another major feature is that it is possible to take paid leave on an hourly basis.

Special Paid Leave

Normally, paid leave is not awarded until six months after joining the company. However, we give five days of special paid leave at Wakokai. It is possible to use this if there are circumstances requiring it. (Part-time employees can also use this with conditions.)

Employee Housing

We have three employee housing locations in Gifu.Rent is reasonable from 15,000 yen.
Therefore, it is possible to work without worrying about the burden of living here even if you are from outside the prefecture.

Uniform Loan

We loan the uniforms worn when working depending on job type. The uniform of care workers is a colorful mint green. It has a long length and excellent functionality.

Club Activities

Friendship among employees is deepened by participating in club activities (e.g., baseball club, popular music club and futsal club).

Health Support

  • Medical care expense assistance
  • Influenza vaccinations
  • Medical checkups
  • Establishment of a workplace consultation service

Enhanced Childcare Support

  • Wakokai Nursery School Bambi creches for employees
  • Mickey nursery school for children while they are ill and recovering from illness
  • Care of schoolchildren outside of school time
  • System to make it easy to work while raising children (childcare leave and shorter working hours)

Wakokai Nurery School Bambi


Acceptance of International Students and Technical Intern Trainees

The Wakokai Group started accepting international students in 2018 and nursing care technical intern trainees from 2019.
International students and trainees learn nursing care techniques in Japan. They then work hard every day while aiming to acquire qualifications to solve nursing care problems around the world.

Furthermore, on-site employees aim to provide careful guidance so that it is possible to understand even things that are difficult. If a student or intern has any concerns in this unfamiliar land and life, they will help them out kindly.
Seeing international students and technical intern trainees tackling nursing care with all their might, users also welcome them at sites. This leads to the circle of gentle smiles spreading wider.

Smile interview


I want to make care plans for ordinary elderly people in my home country

Tran Thi Bich Ha

A foreign employee from Vietnam. Proceeded to Chubu Gakuin University from a language school in Sapporo. Has been working in the Nursing Care Kano intensive-care old people’s home as a certified care worker since April, 2020.


What are you aiming for with this job?

I want to work as a certified care worker because I sincerely wish to help and support the elderly.

How is the actual work?

The office of Wakokai is clean. The employees are kind and willing to help me. I am learning things I can only learn about on site. For example, it is necessary to change the angle of wheelchairs depending on whether the user is thinner or larger. The users know that I am Vietnamese and are very kind.


What is the situation in your home country and what is your dream for the future?

Only wealthy people receive nursing care services in facilities in Vietnam. The idea that nursing care should be provided by families is strongly-rooted in my country.
However, I want to study hard in Japan. If I have the opportunity, I would like to build a facility like the ones in Japan in Vietnam. I then hope to provide nursing care services by making care plans even for ordinary elderly people.


Wakokai supports international students and technical intern trainees working hard to solve nursing care problems throughout the world by learning about nursing care techniques in Japan.

Please contact the Overseas Business Section in the Corporate Management Department of the Wakokai Group



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